Different yoga styles explained

Have you ever wondered what the difference between all the different yoga types is? You are not alone. From Hatha to Aerial, the gyms are flooded with different styles and it’s difficult to know what the difference is (and

Practice self-love on Valentine’s day

It’s that time of year again. When stores are selling cards and chocolate boxes shaped as hearts, and you are expected to have an amazing date with your significant other. But what if your better half is yourself? No
Train interrail

Travel through Europe with one ticket

Interrail lets you travel around most of Europe by train with one ticket. Do you want to go to France? But also Hungary? Perhaps Croatia? and let’s not forget about the Nordic countries! If you are having a hard

How to prepare for a company trip

So you were invited to the company trip. Not a business-trip, but a real get-to-know-each-other trip. And not one evening or day of hanging out, but a real, several day long “vacation”. Does it sound odd? I thought so

How to get started with kayaking

Kayaking is ideal for a beginner if the water is calm and it’s easy to get started with. When kayaking on a windy sea, you will probably need training to get anything out of the experience – it’s harder