Kayaking – a great beginner’s adventure

This adventure is ideal for a beginner if the water is calm. When kayaking on a windy sea, you will probably need training to get anything out of the experience – it’s harder than it looks. Kayaking can range from a peaceful and easy-going experience to a heavy training and exciting adventure – all based on weather and location.

Scenario 1:

It’s a calm summer morning, you have packed some snacks and a bottle of water in your bag and are wearing clothes you don’t mind getting wet. You get a life west and a phone bag made of plastic so that you can take photos and call for help if necessary without your phone breaking down. You slowly sit down in the hole of the kayak and try to keep your balance. As you paddle you remember the instructor saying how important it is to use your whole body, not to tire your arms too fast. You paddle through an amazing river with beautiful nature and since you chose the kayak that is slower but also more balanced you are able to take photos as memory. Since it it feels fairly easy you take the opportunity to practice techniques you were thaught earlier.

Scenario 2:

It’s a bit windy, nothing serious but just enough to cause waves on the water. You are in a small group with an experienced instructor. You have been advised to wear a wind resisting jacket and of course your life west. You have plenty of water and some lunch packed and your insructor let’s everyone try to navigate with a map and a compass. Although you are going along the coastline, paddling against the wind really takes on your energy and you know you will have sore muscles in the morning. All of a sudden one in the group falls in the water with the kayak upside down. You quickly help him tilt the boat and get the water out of his kayak, then you make a raft out of your and his kayak to get him back up. Once you make it to the camping ground for lunch, you are all pretty exhausted but also thrilled that you made it.

I could do that!

Yes, you certainly can. Kayaking is a fairly cheap experience and one that is quite easy to try, and not even particularly scary. Kayak rentals can be found almost anywhere where there is water. There are some limitations to keep in mind when renting:

  • Kayaks always has a weight limit that includes you and your packing, so if you are on the heavier side you should check what your nearest kayak rental offers.
  • If you are renting, there will probably be an age limit as well.

If you want more out of the experience, there are courses available to enhance your skills and get you to less calm waters. Who knows, maybe you become the instructor one day! If kayaking is something you are already well known with, then maybe you would like to kayak at the following destinations:

  • Amazon rainforest
  • Sermilik fjord, Iceland
  • Belize barrier reef
  • Galapagos national park

Kayaking is truly one of those easy, affordable and low commitment adventures – you get a lot out of it without necessarily making too much of an effort. Perfect when starting out on your adventurous life!

Have you tried kayaking and would you do it again?

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