It’s that time of year again. When stores are selling cards and chocolate boxes shaped as hearts, and you are expected to have an amazing date with your significant other. But what if your better half is yourself? No worries, I have just the tips for you. Besides, the most important person in your life is you so you might as well treat yourself.

Go for a meditation or yoga class

Your mind needs some time off from a stressful life. When doing yoga or meditation you leave all other thoughts at the door and only focus on the present. Since it has all to do with how you feel and nothing to with competing with others, it’s a perfect way to show love to yourself.

Book a slow yoga or meditation class close to you. If you prefer being at home, Yoga with Adriene on Youtube is a great option!

Spend time with people who give you energy

Some people get energy by being around other people. Others get energy by being alone. Figure out which type you are and spend your valentines with someone who gives, rather than drains your energy. Wether that is your best friend or yourself!

Go for a walk in the park, grab a coffee or watch a movie with that energy boosting person(s)!

Write down everything that is good in your life

Take a moment and write a journal. Write down what you are grateful for, how much you have grown over the years and how far you have come. Think about everything that is good about you and your life. Forget about everything you would like to change or don’t like. Improvements and constructive critique are for another day.

Workout and spend time outside

Do a workout you enjoy and that will make your heart rate go up. Either do your workout outside or walk/bike back home. This is a real mood booster and stress reliever. You will thank yourself afterwards

Take yourself for dinner

Being alone in public without a destination is a nightmare for many. Being alone on Valentine’s day is even worse. You don’t want to be the loner at a restaurant or at the cinema. But what are you really scared of? What other people might think? They don’t even know you so why should you care!

Take this opportunity to go out on your own and not only treat yourself, but also go out of your comfort zone and grow as a person.

Do a home spa

Walk around in slippers and a bathrobe at home. Light some candles, listen to music or a great podcast, put dark chocolate on a plate and pour up a glass of whatever drink you crave the most (water is also an excellent choice!). Go in the bathtub, or if you don’t have one: sit down on the sofa or bed. Do a face mask, hair mask, footbath, and fix your nails.

Don’t rush through it. Instead be mindful and relax. After you are done, a movie might be the perfect way to end the evening.

Are you spending time with yourself on Valentine’s day? What is your best tips for self-love?