So you were invited to the company trip. Not a business-trip, but a real get-to-know-each-other trip. And not one evening or day of hanging out, but a real, several day long “vacation”. Does it sound odd? I thought so too at first. Some companies really value employees socializing with each other and what better way than forgetting about work and instead, travel together.

I went on a company trip my first week at the new job. I spent three days in the office before and only knew the names of the people in my room. Then I was off to spend four days at the beach with 50 of my new colleagues, who all but two spoke a language I didn’t understand. I had exactly one day to think about it, but in my mind the answer was ready as soon as I was asked. If you say no only because you are a bit scared or nervous, you will regret it later. I had fun but I was also exhausted most of the trip. Still, I found that it was worth it. I got to know colleagues that I later on realized I wouldn’t work with almost at all, I got to see two new places, and I got to do activities and eat for four days – all for free.

First question that pops in to your mind might be “should I go?”. There is a possibility it will be extremely awkward , you might do something you regret after a couple of drinks or you might find that colleagues are better left at just that. Then again, it might not happen and you might have the time of your life – and an adventure for free!

To prepare (especially as a newbie at the company), you could do some or all of the following:

  • Find out what you are going to do so you know what to prepare for.
  • Take the chance to get to know as many as possible, be curious about their life!
  • Find out the level of formality, so you know what to pack and how to act.
  • Find one or two people you like that you can have as your go to people if you don’t know who to hang out with.
  • Try to have fun with only a little or no alcohol, this will save you from doing something stupid and you will be a lot happier in the morning.
  • Know that it’s okay to take a moment to yourself even though it feels like you should be social all the time.
  • Go with the intent to have fun and repeat to yourself how excited, not nervous, you are about the trip.

Have you ever been on vacation with your colleagues? How did you manage?