Wouldn’t it be cool if you could study to become an adventurer? Whenever someone asked what you are, you could give them the most awesome answer ever. Although there isn’t exactly a “Master of Adventure”, certain fields are more adventurous than others. You can get a license to work with any of the following things!

Scuba diver / Commercial diver

Scuba diving is more than a tourist activity in Thailand. Commercial divers do anything from repairs and construction work to finding lost objects or bodies underwater. Some might even be scientists who study the underwater world or photographers who work for movie and tv companies.

Getting your basic scuba diver license isn’t particularly hard although it does cost quite a lot. After that, you need to specialize to actually work with this. But perhaps it’s worth it for you?

Stunt actor

How do you become a stunt actor? By going to stunt acting school of course! You might not find a school for this in every country but at least they exist. You learn how to fight on set, how to move while rigged up in the air, fall from high places, and walk through fire. Then you can specialize in something you feel you are particularly good at. Many of these schools also have contacts in the movie world. Wouldn’t it be cool to stunt double for your favorite actress?

Wildlife guide

Do you want to show people how to survive in the Nordic forests, or perhaps become a safari guide? You learn how to move in challenging terrain, retain safety, cook outdoors and find camping spots. If working in nature is your main goal and you are comfortable with leading others, wildlife guide might be the perfect career choice for you. Luckily you can get certified for exactly this and even start your own business.

Instructor (kayaking/surfing/skydiving/skiing)

As long as there are people who want to try out an experience, there will be a need for instructors. Think about spending your days outside showing people how to surf, paddle, jump out of airplanes or anything else that you are interested in. If that sounds like something you could do, become good enough at your sport and take the necessary courses. Then you can get your income by teaching people how to do your hobby.


This is the only line of work on this list where you can actually get a Masters degree. With that said, this work doesn’t always involve adventure since many biologists spend their time in laboratories. Then again you can choose to become a zoologist, botanist, or marine biologist where a lot of your time can be spent out in the wild making new discoveries!

In the end, studying for something doesn’t necessarily mean you will work with it. I wouldn’t mind having a certification for each of these but I’m not interested in changing profession. If you have the time and money for it, see it as a goal to get a certification from each type!

Are you a licensed adventurer or are you planning on becoming one?