Is your dream of becoming more adventurous, or even an adventurer, constantly being put aside because life gets in the way? Whether it is a lack of money or time, or just not knowing what to do – there are things you can do in a short amount of time at no extra cost!

Go for a day in the park

Do you live in a city with a lovely park close by? It’s a perfect destination to spend a few hours. Take picnic food, some friends or family, comfortable clothes and do yoga or acrobatics together. Try making a human pyramid, do cart-wheels, stand on your head, maybe even climb a tree and pretend you are kids again. Why not dare each other to do things like “ask a stranger for their number” or “get someone to do couples yoga with you.”

Spend time in the forest

Do you live near a forest or National park? In the Nordics, anyone has the right to walk freely in the woods as long as you don’t break anything or disturb anyone. Other countries may have different laws so check this before beginning your journey. Choose your shoes wisely; rubber boots is always a safe bet if you don’t have hiking boots. Take a map with you to find the best spots or let yourself get lost (but do have your phone charged so you can use the GPS if necessary). Maybe there is a swamp close by? Perhaps a small mountain you could climb, or a cave you could enter? As always, be careful if you are not used to the forest and preferably don’t go alone.

Go to the beach

Take with you your friends, picnic food, and a swimsuit. Go with your bicycle if possible, this way you will have an adventure already going there! Depending on what the beach looks like, it can also be an excellent place for some light acrobatics or yoga. Otherwise, jump right in the water! The colder it is, the more alive you will feel. Maybe you can take with you some snorkel gear, or you can challenge each other to see how far you can swim or dive.

Explore the spooky parts of your hometown

Do you have haunted houses close to where you live? An old factory site that now only has a ton of graffiti? They are great places to explore! If not, maybe you can find something else that is exciting. Ask around and see if someone from the older generation has scary stories you can look into. In the town I was born (which is tiny), they have a Russian bunker from the Soviet time and skeletons under the church floor which you can go down and look at if you are lucky.

Respectfully take advantage of the archipelago

Do you live close to the sea or a lake? Perhaps there is a place close to you where you can look at the water and enjoy the view, and do some meditation. Or can you get a hold of a boat and go out to see some more? The sea is arguably the most breathtaking and calming part of the world, take advantage of it, but in a respectful way.

Find an outdoor gym

Many cities have an outdoor gym or even a climbing frame for adults! Go there and see how you can do the most of what is offered – for free. With a friend, this becomes even more fun as you can challenge each other. Or make the social part an adventure as well, start to talk with others “playing” there!

Use your contacs

As a kid, it was easy to ask your friend if you could go to their place to play because they had a trampoline. Next time your friend wanted to come to your home because you had a better collection of dolls. If your friend has a pool now, you can suggest that you should have a pool party together and you would contribute in other ways. Do your grandparents want to spend more time with you, and they have a car – suggest that you go together on a small road trip for sightseeing. Never see it as “how much can I take advantage of this person” but instead just suggest that something would be “quite fun” and see if they feel the same way!

Do you have any tips on how to make the most out of your surroundings for free?